• According to 108 year old Canadian, the secret to a long life is by picking a good wife

    108-year-old Canadian man says the trick to a long life is to pick a good wife

    The true secret of attaining a long life has eluded scientists for years but for 108 year old Esmond Allcock, it is simple. Even though marriage is not a healthy experience for a whole lot of people, Esmond feels that the picking the right wife is the best way to prolong life’s journey.

    When asked about the reasons behind his long and contented life, he said, “I didn’t behave myself for a few years there, but then I got a really good wife.”  His wife Helen passed away seven years ago after 72 years of marriage. After living alone in his family home for some time, Allcock shifted to the Kerrobert Health Centre.

    He met his wife in a small local dance when he was 29 and knew at once that she was the right woman for him. Vince Lehne, Allcock’s grandson, says, “When he seen her, he told his friend that he was going to marry that woman.”

    Helen was seven years younger to him and suffered from acute dementia in the later stages of her life. After caring for her for two years, Allcock was unable to cope up with it anymore and she was moved to a senior citizen’s home.

    Lehne went on to say, “He just thought she was everything. When grandma died, he put on her tombstone, ‘She Was a 10.”’

    The couple had overcome some tough times together when they lost a son to cancer at the age of 25. Another of their sons died in a plane crash when he was 53. At present Allcock has 67 living relatives including 38 great-grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren. 

    Allcock lived in Kerrobert and worked as a farmer until 1975 when he retired. During his working life, he was all known in the area for his solid sense of work ethic and equally strong values. “The most important thing to him was being on time. Being honest. He had really, really good values,” his grandson added.

    His son Dale Allcock, 78, resides in Port Coquitlam, B.C. and stays in regular touch with his father through Facetime. “He really is a gift. That’s about all we can call that,” Dale remarked about his father.

    Recently, the employees of the centre celebrated his birthday with a colourful party. “Oh they nearly drove me nuts. They probably took 100 pictures of me,” Allcock mentioned, laughing.

    Standing at 108, Allcock is still sharp and keeps himself busy by reading and watching the news. He also has his own Facebook page and uses his iPad to communicate with his son. Though there are a few single women in his assisted living facility, Allcock is not interested.

    “I think he’s still pretty partial to grandma,” Lehne said with a smile. 

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