• AKA’s and Reebok’s joint venture sneAKA hits the stores

    AKA had announced the launching of a sneaker with collaboration with Reebok earlier this month. Launched today, the product is available through the Reebok South Africa website and it seems that it is vanishing off the racks at a rapid pace.

    The Reebok concept stores in Fourways Mall, Mall of Africa, Menlyn and Canal Walk will also be a part of sneAKA’s release and a limited number of the sneakers will be available there. AKA will personally be present in the Fourways Mall branch for the promotion.

    Earlier, the rapper also gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the design process which included Reebok’s design manager Chris Hill and footwear designer Alejandra Roig Bucco. The product was also promoted through a six-part series in the Reebok South Africa YouTube channel.

    AKA has been teasing his fans about an oncoming deal with Reebok since the beginning of this year. The official confirmation of the same was finally announced in early October.

    The product was launched after much brainstorming on the design process to make it stand out not only in South Africa but in the international markets as well.

    AKA added,” “For me, coming up with a sneaker is like coming up with music. You take what you have inside you and you put it inside the sneaker. But I know when we done with this, it will be amazing. And people will remember this as a moment in time where AKA and Reebok dropped a sneaker.”

    This is not the first time AKA has collaborated with a fashion brand. 2016 saw launch of the Supa Mega merchandise in collaboration with the South African label Head Honcho, and it was among the best merchandise by a South African hip-hop artist.

    AKA also shared in image of himself working on a new shoe in the Reebok South Africa headquarters in Cape Town. He also added the image of several pairs of sneakers which will be given out as gifts to his friends including the likes of Moozlie, Riky Rick, DJ Tira, Lalla Hirayama, Thabethe, Tshepi Vundla, Nadia Nakai, Kim Jayde and others.

    The buyers of the new sneakers will receive the items in a special package signed by AKA. Available in sizes of UK 4 to 12, the units come in multiple vibrant shades including white, red, black and yellow. The heel has a printed font which reads “Supa Mega”, giving the product an exclusive touch.


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