Adele Dejak

Full Name: Adele Dejak
Country: Kenya
Date of birth:
occupation: Fashion designer
Networth: NA
Biography: Nigerian-born jewellery designer Adele Dejak began her career in typographic design in England and Italy before moving to Nairobi in 2005 to pursue accessory design. Captivated by the natural beauty of horn, she began experimenting with the material, using different techniques to create sculptural fashion accessories. Fusing her Nigerian roots with European influences and a Kenyan surrounding, Dejak launched her eponymous line in 2008. Her bold aesthetic quickly turned heads for its conceptual design and luxurious sensibility. Today, she is a household name: “creating accessories that combine contemporary style and Kenya's traditions have made her brand a stand out in Nairobi,” CNN reported in 2018. The designer does her own photography, allowing more control of the aesthetic evolution of her brand—something she sees as key to her success and longevity. A champion of individual style, Dejak's work has led to design projects with Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo, and in 2013 she was also selected to collaborate with top fashion designers on bespoke pieces for the Samsung x Mercedes Benz Amaze Africa Fashion Week in Pretoria, South Africa. As her range expands, the designer’s next foray sees her launching an interiors line that will include a collection of lights and objects for the home.