Alek Wek

Full Name: Alek Wek
Country: South Sudan
Date of birth: April 16, 1977
occupation: Fashion , Model
Age: 43
Networth: NA
Biography: In 1995, several years after fleeing the conflict in South Sudan for England, 16-year-old Alek Wek was discovered by a talent agent in a marketplace in Crystal Palace, London. Her career grew quickly, and by 1997, she had won the title of “Model of the Year” from MTV and became the first African model to grace the cover of Elle that year. Soon, Alek was modeling for the biggest players in the fashion industry, including Chanel, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, and Givenchy, and redefining beauty standards with every job she took. Alek has been credited as one of the first darker skinned models to achieve mainstream success in the fashion industry, and was considered the first black model that didn’t conform to the Caucasian aesthetic. High-profile celebrities from Oprah to Lupita Nyong’o have praised Alek for giving black woman a role model in a time when there seemed to be so few.