Maneo Magoleng

Full Name: Maneo Magoleng
Country: South Africa
Date of birth:
occupation: Plus size model
Networth: NA
Biography: She was born in a family of seven, in the village of Maneo, but later moved to the city to search for greener pastures. She admits that modeling wasn’t easy; to the point that she thought of quitting and going back to the village. But a voice inside her was telling her to keep going, not to give up and stay strong. Apart from plus size modeling she also does; photo shoots, lingerie modeling, and is a designer. She is into acting, poetry, and writing; I guess she is what we would call a Jack of all trades.She says that every picture of her tells a story. She is also what we can an Africanist and a strong believer of togetherness. She urges Africans to stand together, protect, and have one another.