Charlize Theron teams up with Netflix for the reality driving show Hyperdrive that has a Fast and Furious flavour

  • Charlize Theron teams up with Netflix for the reality driving show Hyperdrive that has a Fast and Furious flavour

    Charlize Theron has teamed up with Netflix to deliver a reality show called Hyperdrive which seems perfectly in line with the theme of a Fast and Furious sequel. The show places some elite street car racers from around the world, along with some ordinary drivers, testing their skills in a challenging terrain with some wildly customised cars.

    Theron is serving as the executive producer of the show and the range of hosts include names like Top Gear USA presenter Rutledge Wood, former MMA fighter Michael Bisping and Fox Sports broadcaster Mike Hill. A special 100-acre obstacle course was built in an abandoned industrial complex for the show.

    Theron spoke about the show her Instagram account and stated that “I’ve been wanting to get into the reality/competition TV game for a while and I’m SO excited to present to you a show I’m producing: @hyperdrivenetflix.” She also added, “AND I got to drift with a fellow South African so that’s a bucket list item I can happily cross off.” Twenty-year-old Stacey-Lee May, regarded as South Africa’s “Spinning Queen”, is one of the participants in the show.

    Theron also mentioned that the show blends her love of cars and competition with the element of human drama that makes reality shows appealing. The contestants have to overcome some death defying challenges and the winner will be declared as the Hyperdrive champion, though the prize has not yet been declared.

    Executive producer Chris Cowan told that the show is American Ninja Warrior meets Fast and Furious and the aim was to create a “ground-breaking spectacle”. Professional drift driver Karolina Pilarczyk, who is currently the best drifting woman in Europe, will also participate in the show. She mentioned in her Facebook account that the show was an “An extraordinary adventure, great adrenaline, brilliant drivers. It’s craziness reimagined.”

    The show starts off with 12 drivers and after each round of challenge, one or more of them gets eliminated. As per the creators, the drivers need skills like speed, precision, power and guts to get through the rounds.

    Charlize Theron has starred in multiple movies with the racing tag, including The Italian Job, Fast and the Furious 9 and Mad Max: Fury Road. She joined the Fast & Furious franchise in its eighth installment in 2017 as a cyber-terrorist known as Cypher. It is also reported that her character will be back for Fast & Furious 9 which will be releasing in May 2020.

    This show is a part of Netflix’s plan to deliver more to the automobile fans by offering a premium viewing experience. Hyperdrive premiered on 21st August and will run for a length of 10 episodes. The racing fans are already showering a lot of praise on the show.


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