• Check out full list of Zimbabwean artists nominated for AFRIMMA’S

    Zimbabwean artists nominated at the AFRIMMA’S

    One of the most distinguished, eminent and renowned events known to Africa’s music calendar has shown support to Zimbabwean artists as more Zim artists are nominated. This year the African Music Magazine Awards and Music Festival (AFRIMMA) celebration clocked its 6th edition and recognises the most prominent talents in our continent whilst putting African artists on the map.

     The ceremony will take place on the 2nd of November, in the Dallas Bomb factory, Texas. The awards ceremony was designed to celebrate music, talent, and creativity that is in abundance amongst African artists. It celebrates the raw talent brewed on the African soil in hopes to single out the best of the best for that particular year. They do this by promoting the African culture and heritage since its inception in 2014.

    Below are 5 Zim artists nominated in this year’s AFRIMMA’s:

    Winky D

    Zimbabwean artists nominated at the AFRIMMA’S
    Winky D. Photo: Instagram/@winkyddibigman

    Dancehall monarch Winky D has received his nomination for Best Artist Duo Group in African Raggae for his song MuGarden featuring Gemma Griffiths. The music video for MuGarden broke the internet by reaching 2 million views on YouTube in two months, a first for Winky D. His controversial lyrics have made him one of the most recognised artists in the continent as well as his contribution to societal change. His dynamic stage presence has graced various countries across the world.

    Jah Prayzah

    Zimbabwean artists nominated at the AFRIMMA’S
    Jah Prayzah. Photo: Instagram/@jahprayzah

    No stranger to the AFRIMMA nominations list, Jah Prayzah who was first nominated in the year 2016, and the years that follow after saw his songs namely ‘Nziyo Yerudo’, ‘Watoramari’ and ‘Hello’. The musician also became the first Zimbabwean to win an MTV African Music Award in 2016. His career flourishes with collaborations from local and global artists.

    Ammara Brown

    Zimbabwean artists nominated at the AFRIMMA’S
    Ammara Brown. Photo: Instagram/@ammarabrown

    Singer/songwriter Ammara Brown is nominated for Best Female Southern Africa. Recognized as one of the most talented and best performers in the continent, Ammara’s much-deserved naming comes after a thrilling year of touring around the globe and releasing music accompanied by music videos. She aspires to win this one to reward what has been a spectacular year for both musically and personally.


    Zimbabwean artists nominated at the AFRIMMA’S
    Hillzy. Photo: Instagram/@hillzy911

    RnB/Soul heartthrob Hillzy deserved his nominations for Best Artist in African RnB and Soul class and the Most Promising Artist in Africa. The artist who is fairly fresh to the game celebrated his first big nominations for this year’s awards. Declaring that 2019 has been the hardest year but also the most rewarding year for his music. He wrote on his social media pages “I’m grateful for every decision that led us to this point for it was not by our accord and planning but purely GOD’S GRACE.” He continues to thank his fans for the support and his ‘bro’ Garry Mapanzure.

    Tamy Moyo

    Zimbabwean artists nominated at the AFRIMMA’S
    Tamy Moyo. Photo: Instagram/@tamy_moyo

    Her first nomination as Best Female Artist in Southern Africa comes as incredible news and a nod that she’s doing something right. The vocalist and guitarist is a woman of many talents. She will be sharing the stage in September with South Africa’s greatest artists for the Jazz On The Lake music festival. She is going places and the recognition is well deserved.

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