• Fally Ipupa defies “freedom fighters”, prepares to perform in Paris in February

    It has been more than five years since musicians based in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were banned to perform in Europe by the “Combatants”, an anti-Kabila movement. However, on 28 February 2020 Fally Ipupa “Di Caprio” wants to bypass the interdiction by performing in Paris, France, at the AccorHotels Arena (formerly known as Bercy).

    It remains to be seen whether the show will be allowed to take place, as hordes of radical combatants have vowed to stop Di Caprio for stepping onto the stage.

    “He will not perform here, I can assure you. We’ll do anything to ensure that the show does not take place. We will disrupt it by all means like we did for Heritier,” a combatant identified only as Patrice told Star Magazine Africa from the French capital.

    In July 2017, Heritier Watanabe, a rising Congolese musician, was also taken to task by so-called freedom fighters, who disrupted his show at the Olympia in Paris.

    “Other musicians abide by the rules, and he thinks he’s special. Okay, we will see who is who,” Patrice, who has lived for more than 20 years in Europe, said.


    The Resistant Combattant Kongolais (RCK), as the movement is officially called, is a group of disgruntled Congolese diaspora living in South Africa and European Union countries. It took off a decade ago to protest against the regime of former President Joseph Kabila.

    The RCK, which accuses Kabila of committing massive human rights violations and plundering the country, claims that all musicians based in the DRC are Kabila’s supporters, and therefore they should not be allowed to perform in Europe.

    Though the country has a new head of state, the RCK maintains the new man is only a puppet because Kabila still rules the country behind the scene.

    “There is no real change in that country. As a result, these traitors will not perform here as long as it takes,” Tresor, a Belgium-based freedom fighter, said.

    “No musician will perform here, not anymore,” he warned. “They are distracting us while the politicians are stealing our money and killing our people through fake wars.”

    “Fally is arrogant, and all the Kabilistes are like that. I’m sure he’s doing this to provoke us. Has he forgotten 22 June 2017 at the Cigale in France when we threatened to blow him up if he performed. Thank God, the show was finally called off by the Town Council,” Daddo told Star Magazine Africa from Germany.

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