• In Uganda, a BET Award winner’s heart break sparks national debate

    On Wednesday this week, 2015 BET Award Winner Eddie Kenzo’s Baby mama, songstress Rema Namakula introduced a new man to her family at a tycoon’s home in an upscale Kampala suburb.

    The Songstress and Eddie Kenzo have been together for almost 7 years and have a daughter together, it was always assumed they would eventually get married. But that didn’t happen. In the end, Rema went with someone who offered the ‘respect’ of putting a ring on it. But what went wrong?

    Eddie Kenzo and Rema

    They were a perfect forbidden love story, a semi-educated rags to riches Artist, meets a beautiful University girl, both at the top of their respective genres, they start dating, the university girl gets thrown out the urban music group she is singing under, she moves from singing urban music to singing music for weddings, gets pregnant, gives birth. Returns to music, holds concerts. Then people start asking questions.

    Eddie Kenzo and Rema
    Eddie Kenzo and Rema

    Eddie Kenzo says he is being pressured to marry her, Rema keeps referring everyone who asks her about a wedding to him.

    Then one-day pictures show up on the internet telling Ugandans Rema is with someone else.

    Eddie Kenzo writes an emotional farewell, claiming she was his whole life.

    The replies on that post have now started a conversation on how long should one be with someone before they marry them?

    Eddie Kenzo is heartbroken, but he is also being blamed for what has happened to him.

    He kept deflecting questions about a wedding, and it seems his Baby Mama got the message.

    Now he is crying in public looking for a pity party, but no one is listening.

    Rema with Hamza
    Rema with Hamza

    On the day of the introduction, he wrote another statement on Facebook, claiming ”By the time a man leaves a home he has built through blood, and sweat, you don’t know what he is running from” But once again, no one is listening.

    Ugandans had hoped he and Rema would be their version of Jayz and Beyonce, but as they say on the internet, it has ended in tears for him.

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