• Is Dwayne Johnson Forbes highest-paid actor?

    Is Dwayne Johnson Forbes highest-paid actor?

    YES, Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as “the rock”, was the highest-paid actor for 2018.

    Quoting Forbes, an online publication, purewow.com said: “Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the highest-paid actor in the entire world and we’re not even being hyperbolic.

    He’s been in everything from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Baywatch to Moana, and he takes home an eight-figure check for every movie he graces with his presence. With the impending arrival of his new film Hobbs & Shaw—not to mention his successful TV shows Ballers and The Titan Games and new marriage to Lauren Hashian—we were curious to know what his bank receipts look like. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of commas.”

    Forbes, last month, reported that Johnson had already earned $89.4 million this year alone. 

    In 2018, he earned $124 million – the largest amount ever recorded for acting in Forbes’s history. His total net worth is reportedly somewhere around $280 million.

    Johnson started his career as a WWE wrestler named The Rock. Audiences loved him so much that he was able to move into a lucrative film and TV career. Now when he’s not collecting up to $25 million per role (plus back-end profits), he’s snagging an extra seven figures for social media promotion. He also has collaborated with brands like Under Armour and has a stake in Voss Water, making him a part owner.

    Johnson famously received $40 a match when he started wrestling. We’d say he’s definitely had a major come up.

    Here is Forbes list of the world’s best-paid male actors 2018

    1. Dwayne Johnson – $89.4m (£73.6m)

    2. Chris Hemsworth – $76.4m (£62.9m)

    3. Robert Downey Jr – $66m (£54.4m)

    4. Akshay Kumar – $65m (£53.5m)

    5. Jackie Chan – $58m (£47.8m)

    6. Bradley Cooper – $57m (£46.9m)

    7. Adam Sandler – $57m (£46.9m)

    8. Chris Evans – $43m (£35.4m)

    9. Paul Rudd – $41m (£33.8m)

    10. Will Smith – $35m (£28.8m)

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