• Picture of a man standing for six hours in a flight to let his wife sleep sparks Twitter debate

    There have been many touching stories about couples expressing their love for each other through gestures and sacrifices, but a recent news has captured the fancy of the netizens like no other. It is the picture of a man standing on the aisle of an aircraft while his wife is sleeping across three seats. A tweet that accompanies the picture states that the man had been standing like that for six hours.

    Posted by Twitter user Courtney Lee Johnson, the tweet provides no further detail about the flight or the couple. Originally posted on 6th September, the tweet has collected 16,314 Likes and 3,592 Retweets so far.

    As the picture went viral, some people expressed their admiration towards this caring act, while many others were not so appreciative with their comments. Some commenters praised the man for his “romantic” act and other remarked that it was extremely selfish and uncaring for the wife to make him stand for so long.

    While one comment mentioned “This is ultimate love,” another person wrote that “If that is love then I rather be lonely,” Another Twitter user commented,” “That’s not love. That’s selfishness on the woman’s part. Can’t she just place her head on his shoulders and sleep? Love doesn’t work like that LOL.” The debate on love between the divided groups is still ongoing in the issue.

    There were also others who questioned how could the flight attendants have allowed the man to stand in the aisle for six hours and expressed doubts about the authenticity of the photo. Some users also remarked the photograph as “Utter rubbish”.

    Whatever the source of the photo maybe, it has certainly resulted in a hot debate about the right gesture for the expression of true love in Twitter.

    There were also a few others who found this a great opportunity to release some bright flashes of humour. One Twitter user hilariously pointed out that the man was not wearing a wedding ring while another joked that the guy was probably standing the whole six hours planning his divorce.

    Here are some of the funniest comments that have been made on the post.

    So do you think that this picture genuinely portrays the love and care required from an ideal husband? Let us know through your comments below.

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