• Six-year-old Reneiloe Unami Keke Shandukani, from Botswana crowned beauty queen in China

    The neon-lit stages of first C Plan/Kids Supermodels 2019 burst into cheers and applause when it was announced that a six-year-old girl from Botswana, Reneiloe Unami Keke Shandukani, won the competition. She took home a gold medal for ‘Talent’ (traditional dance), silver for ‘Swim Wear Catwalk’ and bronze for ‘National Costume

    Reneiloe Unami Keke Shandukani. Picture supplied

    The kids’ beauty pageant was held in Shanghai, China on 18-22 July 2019. The international modeling and talent hunt had 126 little participants from 23 countries around the globe and held competitions in several categories.

    The primary school kid lives with her parents in Tutume in Gaborone, Botswana. Her mother Pena Shandukani spoke to Star Magazine about her child’s surprise win.

    • As a school going kid, what is Keke’s greatest strength?

    Keke’s greatest strength is that she is confident of herself and loves to explore new things. She was very excited that she’ll be going to China for the pageant competition.

    • What motivated you to take her to the Supermodel stage in China?

    She is very passionate and enthusiast about modeling. She never misses her practice every Saturday ever since she joined modeling. When she joined the agency, there were many kids but then they left one by one as time went by. She was the only one who made it through.

    • Did you ever ponder that she would win this competition?

    No, not at all because she never expressed herself to me unless she’s on stage. Some of the parents at the show were always with their kids. But my child would say, ‘Please go and sit down. I know what I have to do. My mentor told me what to do.’ As I don’t know much about modeling, in the absence of any of her mentors from the agency, I become anxious about her performance. But as a mother, I am always there to support her. Nevertheless, she always surprises me on stage.

    Six-year-old girl from Botswana, Reneiloe Unami Keke Shandukani, won international beauty competition. Picture supplied
    • What does she love apart from being a supermodel?

    Keke is passionate about God. She enjoys her studies and academic works. She is also excelling in her class. She loves swimming and has joined the school swimming team where she is doing great.

    • What about the upcoming albums or shows of Keke?

    Oh yes. Something big is coming up very soon and her modeling agency is busy working on it right now.  This was her first international show and she did very well. Rather, she exceeded my expectations.

    • One life lesson you will give to your daughter as a mom?

    The only thing I would like to tell her that she should learn to believe in herself and not allow anyone to take advantage of her.



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