• South African Actress Boity slams government

    South African Rapper Boity slams Ramaphosa’s  government for doing little to ensure women and children are protected.

    The disturbing number of murders and rapes of women and children has evoked strong reactions from various members of our society, especially the recent murder of the University of Cape Town (UCT) student, Uyinene Mrwetyana.

    Upon reports of her demise, many local celebrities took to social media and expressed their views on the murder of Uyinene and the general safety of women and children in South Africa.

    One such celebrity is rapper and television presenter, Boity Thulo,29. The Own Your Thrown hit-maker posted a very daring and provocative tweet whereby she did not mince her words regarding the government’s dragging and indifferent approach to the safety of women and children in SA.

    Boity slams government
    Boity Thulo. Photo: Instagram

    Boity also mentioned that rapists, murderers, and abusers seem to get the lighter hand of the law or even a free pass, whilst the same leniency is hardly given to women.

    In response to the reports, Boity took to Twitter to blast the government’s alleged lack of action in addressing the issues of violence against women.

    “All of you Government SA do not give a f***k about the women of the country. Nothing! We are dying daily and it continues because men have been shown and know very well that our government supports and protects rapists, abusers, and murderers”.

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