• Steve Harvey’s Family Feud to film in South Africa in October


    Steve Harvey’s Family Feud to film in South Africa in October

    JOHANNESBURG – Well-known comedian based in the United States of America Steve Harvey has touched down in South Africa to film his popular television game show.

    Speaking to the media earlier this week, the comedian and television show host unveiled his plans that he would be bringing his popular game show Family Feud to the African continent.  

    The show will be hosted by the 62-year-old, it will feature your everyday South African family and Harvey explained that the format would remain unchanged but the show will cater to a local audience.  

    “Same format, except it will be an hour long. The difference is, some of the questions will be catered to the African culture so it can more relatable. The beauty of it is, Africans deserve to see each other on TV,” said Harvey. 

    “The audition process is very simple, it’s the same requirement as the United States.

    “They’ll tell you what they want you to do for your audition tape. All we look for to make it on TV is a family that’s enthusiastic.” 

    Speaking about why he chose the African continent and South Africa to be precise, the “Act like a lady, think like a man” author, explained that Africa is his homeland.

    “I bought the rights to do family feud globally and the place I picked was Africa. My home is America, my homeland is Africa,” Harvey told Radio 702.

    “I am actually going to move here. America is my home, I have family there, I own stuff there but the pull in me to Africa has been on my vision board for nine years.

    “How do I come to Africa and put some deep footprints here? I have just been trying to think of a way that I could get all of this done. Family Feud became an opportunity.”

    Harvey also announced that in order to host the show, he will be living in South Africa for a few months but his stay here is about more than just Family Feud, he wants to give back to the African continent by helping to grow a young talent and creating opportunities for employment. 

    Family Feud is just the beginning. We’re talking about really producing some shows here. And maybe just sharing with you some of the tricks that’s done in Hollywood,” continued the comedian.

    “This continent has people in it that are so talented – the singers, the athletes, the businesses, the minds that’s over here, the absolute brilliant people. That’s your greatest commodity. It ain’t you’re gold or your diamonds, it’s your people,” he concluded. 

    As Harvey’s arrival in South Africa seems to hand opportunities to the African continent, reality television host and Metro FM presenter Somizi Mhlongo took to Instagram to share his impressions after meeting the US star.

    “This moment right here is priceless. I walked into the studio as he @iamsteveharveytv was walking out. I contained myself and just said good morning Mr Harvey. He said wait. I remember you from two years ago at Essence Fest,” expressed ‘Somgaga’.

    “Then I walked in the studio to get ready for the show. Five minutes later he comes back as says what is your name. I tell him. Then he asked the cameras to leave the room as he has something special to say.

    “The words of advice and wisdom he shared for a good 20 minutes ignited my fire inside to another level. One thing stood out. When he said always remain unique and authentic you will never go hungry. My colleagues @leratokganyago @dineoranaka we just stood there in amazement.

    “God was in that room. I’m so full of everything positive right now. And going for everything that’s meant for me,” he concluded.

    Meanwhile, filming for the South African version of Family Feud will get underway on October 2019 and the show is scheduled to air in the first quarter of 2020.   


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