• T-Pain went from $40 million to Zero, like literally broke

    T-Pain went from $40,000,000.00 to Zero!!!

    NEW YORK – There are a few celebs who have seen both sides of the financial scale and T-Pain is one of them. The rapper recently opened up about his experience with a financial breakdown in the The Breakfast Club radio show and discussed the rise and fall of his financial graph.

    “I’ve been mega-rich, you know, I’ve been super broke, right in the middle of thinking I was mega-rich, and then got rich again, and you know learned how to really give a s— about money,” the 33 year old said.

    From having a $40 million bank balance, the “Girlfriend” singer went to the state of having no money in the bank within a period of two years. He admitted that some bad investment choices and equally bad spending habits were responsible for bringing him to the state where he “had to borrow money to get my kids Burger King”.

    T-Pain and his wife Amber Najm has three kids, Lyriq (15 years old), Muziq (12 years old), and Kaydnz (10 years old).

    He stated that he made some poor investments in real estate, a business that neither he or nor his business managers knew much about. “Yeah, yeah, It was a lot of bad investments, a lot of things . . . Real estate. I was letting my manager do it and he was way more optimistic than I was,” he added.

    He also noted that he trusted a few people a bit too much about handling his money.

    He revealed that he almost lost a $6 million house in Atlanta and send his accountant into panic mode with his spending habits. At one point he was not aware of his account balance but just wanted to spend money in a “crazy” manner. He recalled an event on how he chose to sell back a new Bugatti to the dealer due to lack of funds.

    T-Pain is presently doing much better and is proud about his ability to provide for his family. “You know, you get back up and you learn, man,” he said. He added that he is not chasing the 40 million dollars he lost and is more concerned about his wife and kids. His present estimated wealth is around $35 million.

    “Once you give a s— about the money you’re making, then, you know what I’m saying, you feel much better about your accomplishments, you feel much better about what you’re doing, you start paying attention to your work that makes you money,” he said.

    Having seen both stages of financial extremes, the singer expressed that “Awards are always great, but in the long run it doesn’t really say who you are. I’m more concerned about my family, my kids and my wife and making sure I can provide.”

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