• Will Smith finds his name dragged back into the ugly divorce battle between Duane and Tisha Campbell-Martin

    At times helping out a friend can turn out to be more complicated than one expects . When Will Smith loaned his close friend Duane Martin more than a million dollars, he never expected to get involved in a legal battle. Now his name has been dragged back into the controversy surrounding Duane and Tisha Campbell-Martin who are in the middle of a rough divorce.

    The divorce also involves a bankruptcy battle in which Duane was accused of hiding the Chatsworth mansion under a company named Roxe LLC. It was to save this mansion that Will Smith loaned Duane 1.4 million dollars previously. Last month a deal was reached by Duane and the trustees, whereby Smith will be paid back the full amount he loaned.

    The trustee was able to find a buyer who was ready to pay 2.45 million dollars for this 9200 sq. feet mansion. Apart from the other settlements, $170,560 from the selling price will go to a company named Roxe LLC.

    In a newly filed set of documents Tisha Campbell-Martin is trying to block this settlement by claiming that the deal interferes with the amount of money that she is owned. Tisha has said, “Duane Martin defrauded the estate and it’s creditors in a complex scheme to hide his multi-million-dollar family home, and now stands to walk away not only with his discharge intact, but with a share of the proceeds from the Trustee’s proposed sale of the home.”

    Tisha questions the motive behind Duane pushing the deal ahead at a hurried pace and adds that is buyer of the property is former “Basketball Wives” star Angel Brinks. “However, it appears from public records that Ms. Brinks is the significant other (since at least mid-2018) of actor Jackie Long – who formerly co-starred with Duane Martin on the Real Husbands of Hollywood, and appears to be close with Will Smith,” she points out.

    Tisha wants the court to stop the proposed sale as she believes that the connection between “Ms. Brinks and the players in the subject litigation” is more than coincidental.  

    Duane originally bought the home for $900,000 in 2006 and borrowed another 1.9 million dollars to construct the “Martin family home.” He defaulted on the loan and ultimately used his own company Roxe LLC to buy back the property from the bank using the loan obtained from Will Smith. The couple then entered a deal with their own company for paying a rent of 5,000 dollars per month, which the trustee mentioned as a sham.

    During the proceedings, there were no allegations which stated that Smith or his wife Jada had done anything illegal or had any knowledge about Duane’s wrongdoings. Will Smith was subpoenaed by the trustee and was forced to turn over private financial records, emails and texts with Duane Martin regarding the loan and home.

    Tisha filed for divorce last year after 21 years of marriage with Duane. The couple has two kids for whom she has asked for joint custody along with her spousal support.

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